CITY CLOCK started operations in Kenya in 1984 and later spread its wings to the East Africa region. We are based in Kenya and have operations in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Namibia and we are still growing.

We are also the first Kenyan owned business to start up franchising of the business systems into the Southern region of Africa. We believe that we shall be able to create a foot print in the whole of Africa and become a Pan African branding partner.

The Company has ensured that it has a great outreach in the region and, in a survey carried out by Advertising Practioners Association, CITY CLOCK was voted the best outdoor medium in Kenya which is a huge milestone.

CITY CLOCK has very well-maintained units which have now become land marks in the region. We can proudly say that we are the only branding medium that is green as all our units are solar powered.

CITY CLOCK units are installed in close cooperation with the local authorities at prime locations along highways, in roundabouts, in urban and rural areas. We have also partnered with the various local authorities and we are now responsible for maintaining the Iconic Tower Clocks in the region.

CITY CLOCK has effective teams who have embraced the vision of the company wholly and are all geared to our growth and expansion plan.

One of the reasons that CITY CLOCK has been able to work so well with many organizations, including local Authorities, is because it maintains its units to the highest standards and downtime following accidents or malfunctions is normally minimal.